Patz Hatz is a designer wool and silk hat brand from Pat Campbell who loves to work on made to order bespoke woollen hat creations for her customers.

Patz Hatz     [  T/A Little  Bell Yarncrafts]

Originally an extended hobby, small craft business which has developed with a Patz Hatz speciality range. The range of yarns available means I can source quality, colour and texture to produce original designs, bespoke hats.

The starting point for each hat is the selection of yarn or yarns I want to use. The colour, ply and texture of the selected yarn determines how the crochet will develop. As the work progresses I have an image forming in my mind as to how the end product might look. Very often several changes to this image occur which makes the finished hat even more interesting. Once I am satisfied with the appearance of the hat I select an embellishment to complete the design. This way of working ensures each hat has its own individuality.

Pat Campbell loves to use premium wools and silks in her bespoke wool hats and takes pride in every single one she creates by hand. The strength of her individual hats and products are their handcrafted nature, original designs, quality yarns, and the use of cotton yarns for those who can’t wear wool. Pat is an active champion of the ‘Campaign For Wool’ organisation and a promoter of Rare Breed Sheep.